New Police Line, Hisar Haryana
Co-Curricular Activities  
Horse Riding
Horse riding has emerged as a very necessary activity at school level. Horses are arranged by Police Department to make the students learn riding. This is done regularly and class wise days have been fixed. Horse riding fosters the feelings of self-balance and is helpful in making the students courageous and bold.
Life is vain if one does not know the art of swimming. Infact swimming is an art. So, the students are made to learn this art at this earlier stage. Class-wise days have been fixed and the students are conveyed to the nearby swimming pool at village Behbalpur by the school vehicles. There the experts in swimming give tips to the students helpful in swimming.
Health Club
A Health Club has been founded in the school to maintain the health of the students and others staff. Camps are organized by Health Club. Doctors from Civil Hospital and other reputed hospitals of town are invited to advise the students about wide spread infectious diseases like Dengue, Malaria etc. They are told the importance of cleanliness in our daily life. Eye Check-up Camp, Dental Check-up Camp, General Health Camp are a regular phenomenon in school.
Fruit Break
After second period a Fruit Brake of ten minutes is observed to give nutrition to the students. Students carry fruits, salad, roasted gram, dry-fruit from their home and take them during the Fruit Break.

It is said that the holy smoke emitting out of the Havana Kund makes the environment pure and virus free. So every Thursday is observed as the day of Havana. Shashtri ji of the school organizes the Havana. Every week the Birthday Students and Teachers are supposed to sit in the Havana and a special regard is given to them in the touch of spirituality.

Election of Head Boy, Head Girl, Captain, V. Captain
After Voting the students elect their representatives as Head Boy, Head Girl, Captain, V Captain. It helps the students to know the election system and it also inculcates the feelings of leadership among the students.'

National Service Scheme is a programme which inculcates the feelings of co-operation and brotherhood. Time to time camps ore organized in the school and students are given motivation to do some social work such as brining the New Police Line colony towards complete sanitary condition. During the camp some expert from some reputed institution is invited to deliver a lecture on some important topic related to society & welfare. 
N.C.C. (Air Wing)
Like N.S.S., N.C.C. is also an important part of school life. It develops a sense of discipline among the students which helps to make them good citizens. Camps are organized by the NCC Unit in to the different parts of country. This thing develops a sense of co-operation among the students and makes their knowledge practical. Our students learn the value of unity from their school life. The school has got a unit of NCC (Air Wing) since 2008. Rallies against Female Foeticide and the Dowery System, Reduction of Disasters have been was taken out to spread awareness in the society.
Yoga Classes
Yoga is the modern cure of diseases, it makes the students stress free and cheerful. Yoga teacher of the school  teaches the students various Yogas and Asanas early in the morning.
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