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Dear Parents

We at DAV Police Public School, Hisar believe in uplifting and overall development of students. We are always working forward to match the pace of changing times. Students come to school for learning and amidst all the learning, they are bound to experiment with the good and bad. We believe in learning by doing and give them an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Keeping this in mind and to keep the curiosity of students under control, a behavior policy has been framed to monitor and positively alter the behavior of students and control all the possible misconduct of behavior. All the parents are requested to go through the policy carefully and cooperation is expected from you for positively altering the behavior of our students.


Dr. Indu Sharma


Behavior Policy


Type of Misconduct

Preventive Measures


inattentive students, late comers, disturbing others in the class, incomplete work, tearing notebook/diary pages, whispering, not in proper uniform, hair style, talkative, late submission of assignments, making useless excuses regarding studies/work, not getting parents signature on diary

Grounding, withdrawing the privileges, stopping of games, music, art and craft period, drama, library, computer period, stay after the school







 warning cards, blue (2 times), marks deduction from ut, internal and terms, calling parents,




Issuing Yellow warning card and

pink warning cards, suspension from school minimum 7 days, issuance of SLC, filling of action forms,

Repetition of category 1&2 consequences will be considered as well


Aggressive students, inappropriate language, disregard, cheating, stealing, lying, teasing, disobeying/defiance towards teachers, forging, bunking/wandering, bullying.


long absence/irregularity, shows sexual signs, fighting and abusing/hitting and hurting  others/bullying, arguments with teachers, damaging school property/littering, improper behavior with opposite sex, cyber bullying/misuse, ganging up, extortion


The preventive measures will be taken depending upon the situation and degree of misconduct. We hope that that this will bring the desired change in students.

School is committed to providing a child safe environment. For that STUDENT PROTECTION POLICY is in place. follow the link to know more 


follow the link for school safety guidelines 


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